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    Pearls and jewels with pearls made in Italy

    For many years, Genesia has been dealing exclusively with pearls and pearl jewels.

    Our team consists of market experts, who seek the best pearls throughout the world.

    We select the pearls before bringing them to Pistoia, in Tuscany, where, with the expertise of our master craftsmen, the pearls are set.  


    All the Genesia designs are created by Italian jewelry designers. Through their meticulous work, they aim to celebrate the timeless beauty of these wonderful gifts of nature.
    Genesia classic pearl jewels are immortal icons of elegance, but they interchange with youthful and modern collections, poised between romance and transgression.
    Pearls are undisputed key elements of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They are matched with diamonds and gemstones: every jewel is the product of a journey where passion, research and Italian taste meet.



    Genesia is the expression of the best Italian goldsmith tradition. Goldsmith art has ancient roots in Tuscany, where jewelry had been long known by the Etruscans for thousands of years.

    Patience, creativity, and the firm hand of craftsmen enhance the most precious pearls and diamonds, making each Genesia jewel unmistakable. Detail is essential and the appeal of every jewel springs from the perfect mix of valuable raw material, innovative design and craftsmanship.

    The master goldsmiths who create Genesia jewels are the expression of this outstanding artisanal goldsmith heritage. A living tradition of style, quality and creativity handed down from generation.


    For an important, truly unique and special gift, our master goldsmiths are able to create jewels on design. 


    Genesia purchases its diamonds exclusively from producers who supply "conflict-free" gemstones, which means that they are not sourced from war zones, in full compliance with UN resolution and certified according to the Kimberly Process.


    The technique of pearl farming was developed in the late 19th century in Japan and today 99% of the market is represented by cultured pearls. As with the natural pearls, the cultured pearls are each different from another, as with the individuals who wear them.